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GAT Sports PMP Pre-Workout (255g)

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Are you ready to take your workouts to the next level   ? Look no further than PMP by GAT. Experience the next generation of intense pre-workouts designed to help you blast    through training plateaus and achieve peak muscle performance. With PMP, you'll enjoy massive pumps, laser focus, and unparalleled workout intensity. It's time to unlock your full athletic potential.

What sets PMP apart?

GAT PMP prides itself on the Multi-Wave Delivery system. This system ensures a comprehensive workout experience that gives you the boost you need to outwit your goals.

Wave 1 surges through your body, delivering a potent dose of energy and muscle stimulation. Designed specifically to push you beyond your limits, PMP propels you to new levels of intensity and performance. With essential performance nutrients delivered directly to your muscles, they'll have the fuel they need to perform at their absolute best. Experience increased strength, endurance, and overall muscular output like never before.

In Wave 2, witness the remarkable fusion of mind and body as PMP enhances your concentration and focus. Say goodbye to distractions as you become fully immersed in your workout. Your mind and body work in perfect harmony, enabling you to execute every movement with precision. Feel the power of razor-sharp focus, allowing you to achieve proper form, technique, and mind-muscle connection. Maximize the effectiveness of each exercise and unlock your true potential.

As your workout reaches its peak in Wave 3, PMP's effects intensify, taking you to new heights of performance. Feel your muscles expand as increased blood flow floods them with oxygen and vital nutrients. Experience the electrifying skin-tightening sensation that keeps your body fired up and ready for action. Prepare for explosive energy and witness improved performance like never before. With PMP, your muscles are primed for greatness, surpassing previous limits and propelling you towards your fitness goals.


 Let's explore the advantages of GAT SPORTS PMP PRE-WORKOUT (255G ):

1. Improved Strength & Endurance: PMP boosts your strength and endurance, allowing you to push past your limits and achieve new milestones in your training.

2. Lasting Energy and Deep Mental Focus: Say goodbye to fatigue and distractions. PMP provides sustained energy and sharp mental focus, helping you stay in the zone throughout your entire workout.

3. Massive Pumps: Get ready for skin-tightening, muscle-expanding pumps. PMP increases blood volume to your muscles, giving you that incredible pump and keeping your body fired up even after your workout is over.

4. Creatine Free: PMP is free of creatine, so you can enjoy its benefits without any additional supplementation.

5. 325mg Caffeine: Need an extra energy boost? PMP contains 325mg of caffeine to keep you energized and ready to tackle your workouts head-on.

🤩 PMP's benefits extend beyond physical performance🤩

- Exercise Intensity: PMP contains citrulline, citrulline malate, and beta-alanine (CarnoSyn®), scientifically proven to enhance athletic performance. These compounds increase blood flow, improve nutrient delivery, and boost muscular energy and endurance.

- Cognitive Enhancers: Stay alert, intense, and mentally focused with PMP's clinically studied compounds like N-Acetyl-Tyrosine and L-Theanine. They'll keep your mind sharp as you move from one set to the next during your workout.

- Pump Drivers: PMP features clinically studied vasodilating compounds such as agmatine sulfate, glycerol monostearate, and calcium lactate, which promote increased blood flow and enhance the pump effect.

PMP is available in a convenient 30-serving container, offering you long-lasting value and a variety of flavors. Choose from delicious flavors like Green Apple and Fruit Punch to enhance your pre-workout experience.



To enjoy the benefits of PMP, simply mix one scoop with 8-10 fl. oz. of cold water and consume 15-30 minutes before your workouts. For optimal results, avoid consuming other caffeinated or stimulant-containing products while using PMP. Remember, do not exceed one serving within 24 hours.


Before using PMP, it's important to consult your healthcare professional, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are taking medication. Individuals under 18 years of age should not use this product. If you experience any adverse effects such as rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headache, or shortness of breath, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional. Additionally, if you are prone to overheating or dehydration, PMP may not be suitable for you. Please discontinue use at least two weeks before surgery.

We care about your safety. PMP contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects. It is crucial to keep this product out of the reach of children.

  Unlock your peak performance with PMP Pre-Workout. Visit for more information on lead exposure and potential reproductive harm. PMP is available in a convenient 30-serving container, offering you long-lasting value. Choose from delicious flavors like Raspberry Lemonade and Fruit Punch to enhance your pre-workout experience.

Be safe and rest assured you are getting 100% authentic products at the lowest price when you purchase from ProteinLab Malaysia.

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