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Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators also known as SARMS a therapeutic compounds that, according to the US Anti-Doping Association (USADA), mimic anabolic agents. USADA points out that the difference between steroids and SARMs is that SARMs have fewer androgenic properties,

SARMs are considered a safe alternative to steroids that deliver many of the same positive benefits as steroids, including muscle building, prevention of muscle waste, faster recovery from injury, increased endurance, etc. but do not produce the same dangerous side effects as steroids.

SARMs have been shown to increase muscle mass, bone mass, and fat loss without significant increases in estrogen or shutting down the Hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis (HPG axis). As defined by Negro-Vilar, an ideal anabolic SARM is an “orally active agent with once-daily dosing and anabolic effects on muscle and bone, but no or lesser activity in the prostate.

The Benefits of SARMs

SARMs are believed to have the capability to employ the benefits of anabolic supplements while reducing the side effects of steroids.

  • Non-toxic (won’t cause liver damage)
  • Avoid bone loss (direct action of testosterone in bone through the AR-mediated conduit is critical for its anabolic effects in bone)
  • Decreases the threat of prostate problems in men without muscle mass loss
  • Won’t impede your HPTA
  • Similar effects with testosterone
  • No estrogen and Dihydrotestosterone (a hydrogen hormone) conversion

For muscle builders, taking SARMs will give:

  • Muscle loss prevention (during the cutting period)
  • Lean muscle development
  • Improved strength
  • Faster injury recovery
  • Joint healing abilities

GW– 501516 Cardarine (Extreme Fat Burning & Endurance)

GW-501516 is suitable to increase muscle endurance and ensure longer-lasting performance during training. However, the function of GW-501516 is more to burn fat fast without burning the muscle that has been gained. GW-501516 contains some elements of anabolic, where it is also able to improve muscle size. GW-501516 has NO catabolic elements. GW-501516 users will often absorb nutrition better and be able to reduce the rate of carbohydrate and fat in the muscle tissue, due to glucose levels absorption in the bones as a form of energy.

  • Burn Fat Fast
  • Does not contain catabolic effect
  • Increase Energy Significantly
  • Reduce stress

  • Ensure Users can work out longer
  • No need PCT
  • Absorb meal's nutrition better

Supplement Facts

GW-5015516 Medical Studies

Candarine was primarily developed to treat obesity, diabetes, lipid strain, and heart health problems. As a matter of fact, those who run blood-related work will notice that candarine will magically aid with lipid strain, and their cholesterol levels will improve substantially.

Candarine (GW-501516) How It Works?

Candarine can benefit bodybuilders in two ways:

1. Its ability to burn fat
2. Its ability to help the athlete have harder and longer workouts, without getting winded.

When a lifter does a set, their heart rate will skyrocket, and many times the athlete will reach failure slower when on Candarine because they can get in that extra rep or two. Furthermore, you will need fewer rest periods in between sets, and bodybuilders who like to do cardio after their weight training will enjoy these benefits as well.


1. For endurance: It is recommended to stack Candarine with AICAR and/or Equipoise. This is the ultimate endurance stack that will turn you into a racehorse.

2. Fat loss: The best shredder stack would be stacking Candarine with S4 (Andarine). This is a well-known potent ‘cutting’ stack.

3. Anabolic steroid stack: If you run moderate doses of anabolic steroids, or you run any harsh compound like Trenbolone, then Candarine will aid in not only your lipids but also your ability to ‘catch your wind.’ Therefore, Candarine is a perfect stack for Trenbolone, which makes many athletes lose their breath fast.

4. During PCT (post-cycle therapy) or bridge: Since Candarine is not hormonal, it is in no way suppressive. Hence, you should not be scared of using it to keep fat off and improve your workouts between cycles during your bridge and PCT.

5. SARMs triple stack: If you want to recap, candarine stacks beautifully with S4 and MK-2866.


LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) Lean Bulking & Strength

LGD-4033 is the type of SARM that is most effective in muscle enlargement. It can provide more lean muscle and reduce body fat. It also helps to increase strength during exercise to make it more challenging. This makes LGD-4033 ideal for athletes and bodybuilders who are looking to increase their performance. LGD-4033 is ideal for those who want to start a workout regime, as it gives the effects immediately and does not require the user to wait for a week or two to feel the effects of such steroids or prohormones.

  • Significant increase in strength 
  • Contain cell recovery elements
  • Provide immediate effect than steroids or pro-hormones
  • Helps reduce “muscle wasting”
  • Form more solid & better muscles
  • Does not retain water even when sizing
  • Reduce body fat
  • Does not cause side effects like steroids or any pro-hormones

Supplement Facts

History of LGD-4033

LGD-4033 was created to cure acute and chronic muscle wasting diseases, cancer, and age-related muscle loss. Therefore, just like in the case of anabolic steroids, LGD was initially created for medical purposes, and only after were its benefits for athletic performance it has become popular.

How Ligandrol (LGD-4033) Works?

Ligandrol (LGD-4033) works by binding to androgen receptors selectively, meaning that it creates anabolic activity only in bones and muscles, instead of harming the prostate and sebaceous glands, like anabolic steroids do. Volunteer human studies have shown that LGD 4033 was harmless when used with a dose under 22 milligrams (mg) per day. Furthermore, studies also showed that LGD enhances lean muscle mass and decreases body fat; all of which come with an incredible ability to boost strength, recovery and overall health.


There are a few ways to stack LGD-4033, with each of them offering a different set of benefits to the user.

1. Bulking: LGD is the best SARM in its class when it comes to bulking, and 10 mg per day for 8 weeks will be plenty as a solo run. However, some experienced athletes will go as high as 15 or 20 mg per day. During a bulking cycle with LGD, it is essential to make sure to up your calories and weight training at least 3-4 times per week.

2. Fat loss: A good cutting stack would be combining LGD at 5 mg per day with the average doses of S4 Andarine and GW Cardarine. Using LGD by itself is not recommended for cutting, since it has to work in synergy with other SARMs for this purpose.

3. Anabolic steroid stack: LGD can be stacked as part of your anabolic steroid cycle to add lean muscle gains and strength without additional side effects. For this, you can add anywhere between 3 and 15 mg per day of LGD into your steroid cycle.

4. Recomping: Recomping is done by those looking to add lean muscle mass and burn body fat at the same time. LGD is very good at this when run in conjunction with cardarine, a strict diet, cardio, and weight training.

5. SARMs bridge stack: LGD is popularly used in a bridge with S4 to help maintain gains and strength in between steroid cycles. Run 3-5 mg per day of LGD and a moderate dose of S4 along with HC Generate ES. LGD should not be used during post-cycle therapy (PCT).


MK-677 (Nutrobal) Growth Hormone & Anti Aging

MK-677 is another type of SARM that functions as a growth hormone. Like any other SARM, MK-677 comes in oral form and does not need any kind of injection as other growth hormones. In conclusion, MK-677 increases the rate of GHRH (Gowth Hormone Releasing Hormone) and activates somatotrophs, and reduces Somatotastin for the formation of new cells in the muscles. Studies show that the MK-677 helps in muscle growth until the muscles become more solid and ripped.

  • Reduce body fat
  • Heal old injuries
  • Improve the sleep rate of user
  • Increase the rate of muscle growth
  • Helps in the recovery of bones, tendons, and ligaments
  • Increase the rate of recovery
Tighten the skin
  • Increase bone density.
  • Anti-aging element

Supplement Facts

MK-677 Studies & Medical Uses

Studies have shown that nutrobal will increase both muscle mass and bone mineral density. Moreover, it also inhibits body fat buildup, with studies showing that those who gained lean body mass did not experience any vesceral adipose tissue growth. What’s more, those subjects who were put in a caloric deficit still managed to add lean muscle mass anyway.

Nutrobal (MK-677) – How It Works?

Nutrobal works by increasing the release of several hormones in the body, including growth hormone and IGF-1, and it does this without affecting cortisol levels. Subsequently, the increase in IGF-1 and growth hormone comes with a host of benefits. Furthermore, it also fights obesity by altering the metabolism of our body fat.


Depending on the athlete’s needs, Nutrobal can be stacked in several ways to get tremendous benefits:

1. Endurance purpose: Many endurance athletes have been pinched over the years for human growth hormone, so naturally, we can deduce that Nutrobal would work beautifully for this purpose. Stack it with 20 milligrams (mg) a day of Cardarine for a lethal endurance stack, and blow away your competition.

2. For fat loss: Nutrobal is so good at preventing fat gain and fighting obesity, that it is almost impossible to gain body fat on it. However, you can take these effects even further. Stack it with Andarine and Cardarine to get a lethal fat-burning triple stack.

3. Mass gain purpose: Being able to gain mass without the fear of spiking your body fat measurement is something we all wish for, but unless you have tremendous genetics, it is very difficult to accomplish. Nutrobal evens the playing field when stacked with LGD.

4. Overall health: Nutrobal can improve mood, sleep, cholesterol levels, injury healing, and immune system boosting. Stack it with N2 Guard, Ostarine, and HC Generate ES to get a perfect stack for those who have let their bodies go due to injury, or who are in between cycles and looking to improve their overall health without risking anabolic steroid use and having a setback.


MK-2866 (Ostarine) – Lean Gain & Joint Recovery

MK (Ostarine) binds to your muscle receptors and causes steroid-like muscle growth without side effects. These gains are absolutely “keepable” and maintainable after its use is discontinued, as long as your workouts stay consistent and your diet remains on track. To put it simply, MK (Ostarine) helps you;

  • To gain lean muscle
  • Easy to use
  • Can also use for cutting
  • Increase strength as well
  • No liver toxicity, cholesterol imbalance or water retention

  • Increasing lean muscle
  • Joint & bone healing activities

Supplement Facts

MK-2866 (Ostarine) studies

A 12-week double-blind placebo controlled phase 2 clinical trial, was conducted on ostarine, which showed that ostarine increased lean muscle mass and improved physical function without the negative side effects seen with testosterone or other anabolic steroids.

Medical Uses of MK-2866 (Ostarine)

Ostarine was developed mainly for the treatment of muscle wasting and osteoporosis. Nonetheless, it also retains nitrogen and strengthens the joints. Therefore, it is a very versatile compound in matters of health benefits.

MK-2866 (Ostarine) – How It Works?

Ostarine will help in muscle growth just like steroids but it won’t produce negative side effects commonly found in anabolic steroids and pro-hormones such as prostate and other secondary sexual organs.

MK-2866 uses its anabolic effects on muscle tissue fully so it’s not only the potential for curing muscle wasting ailments but also it has great potential for muscle building for athletes, bodybuilders and fitness buffs. It is also an agent to reduce degeneration during recovery times from serious surgery or similar conditions.

Ostarine has undergone 8 scientific trials by GTx with about 600 subjects plus 3 efficiency studies. A 4-month Phase IIb medical trial including 159 patients has shown a complete boost in total lean muscle mass compared to placebo and the secondary goal of increasing muscle strength.

In terms of bodybuilding, Ostarine users have proven that MK-2866 can help improve lean muscle mass and strength levels.


Depending on the objectives, there are a few ways to stack MK-2866 (Ostarine):

1. Endurance: You can stack MK-2866 (Ostarine) with Cardarine for increased endurance before your workout or run.

2. Anabolic steroid stack: MK-2866 (Ostarine) can be added to your existing anabolic steroid cycle in order to increase lean muscle mass and strength without additional side effects.

3. During PCT or bridge: MK-2866 (Ostarine) is minimally suppressive at 25 mg per day for 4 weeks or less. Thus, it can be stacked into your post-cycle therapy, or your bridging phase, to maintain strength and muscle.

4. SARMs triple stack: If you want to recomp (build muscle mass while losing fat at the same time), MK-2866 (Ostarine) stacks beautifully with Andarine and Cardarine.


S4 (Andarine) – Fat burning & Muscle Hardening

S4 (Andarine) or Acetamidoxolutamide, is a type of SARM . S4 is said to be the most effective type of SARM which helps retain lean muscle mass while also stimulating fat elimination at the same time. S4 (Andarine) is also developed as an enhancing medication that helps to reduce muscle wasting. To put it simply, S4 (Andarine) helps you;

  • For cutting and fat-burning
  • Increase muscle & muscle endurance
  • No effects on liver toxicity, cholesterol imbalance, or water retention
  • Can used for bulking/recomp
  • Easy for you to use
  • No acne outbreak, no hair loss

  • Burn fat without losing muscle
  • Inexpensive cost and no need for PCT
  • Result in ripped ripped-muscle look

Supplement Facts

S4 (Andarine ) Medical Studies

There have been ample studies done on andarine. For instance, one study showed that taking a small dosage of S4 every day restored skeletal muscle. Furthermore, in comparative studies with dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an increase in bone mass and strength were observed at a higher rate with andarine than with DHT. In addition, more studies showed that andarine was more effective at losing fat and creating lean muscle mass, and it did so in a shorter amount of time with significantly fewer side effects than anabolic steroids.

S4 (Andarine) – How It Works?

All SARMs work by binding to the androgen receptors, which results in anabolic activity. Furthermore, there is more protein synthesized, allowing more muscle to be created. These effects are similar to those seen with anabolic steroids. However, in the case of SARMS, there is no aromatization, liver strain, severe HPTA (hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis) suppression or general side effects.


Andarine can be used by itself, but it works even better when stacked because different drugs and compounds will work in synergy. There are a few ways to stack Andarine. All milligram (mg) examples are daily dosages, and you can run Andarine for up to 12 weeks at a time.

1. For endurance: you can stack Andarine at a low dose with Cardarine (GW 501516) at 20 mg per day for an increase in endurance.

2. Fat loss: the best shredder stack would be the combination of 20 mg of Cardarine with 50-75 mg of Andarine. This combination is well known as a potent ‘cutting’ stack.

3. Anabolic steroid stack: Stacking Andarine as part of an anabolic steroid cycle is a good way to help increase strength and lean muscle mass without giving additional side effects to your cycle.

4. As a stand-alone: Andarine used by itself at 50-75 mg. It is, in my opinion, one of the best SARMs for increasing strength quickly. You will be moving more weight within 1-2 weeks, and the side effects will be minimal.

5. SARMs triple stack: If you want to recomp, Andarine stacks beautifully with Cardarine and Ostarine (MK 2866).


YK-11 (Myostine) – Maximizing Genetic Potential & Better Muscle Improvement

YK 11 has the property that will induce muscle cells, causing them to make more follistatin – a strong myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin can limit muscle growth. This is way more than when compared to DHT which is a very strong myostatin inhibitor. YK 11 also works through the androgen receptor as well so this is something else you need to keep in mind when you are using them for the very first time. That being said, YK 11 is as good as testosterone when you look at how much strength it can add to your muscles and it doesn’t give you any of the detrimental side effects as well.

  • Intensive growth of muscle mass without a rollback phenomenon
  • Biochemical and physiological preventing neuronal damage
  • Fat Burning
  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Preventing the loss of muscle mass during weight loss and drying
  • Increase endurance
  • Improvement of individual power and speed parameters
  • Slowing the aging process of cells

Supplement Facts

YK-11 – How It Works?

YK 11 strengthens your muscles in the same way as testosterone and the only difference is that it doesn’t come with all of the additional side effects either. The main thing to remember about YK 11 is that it can also give you a strengthening boost when you are in the gym so you can go for longer without experiencing any fatigue. On top of this, it also helps you to change your body genetics so you can build more muscle and faster than ever before.

YK 11 shows a lot of promise as an apt anabolic SARM. With the muscle growth potential it brings, it’s as effective as anabolic steroids and prohormones without the unwanted side effects connected to the latter. YK-11 is a powerful SARM supplement promoting massive lean muscle gains which is a great benefit for those wanting to have an aesthetic and shredded physique.


You can stack YK-11 with all types of SARMs for better and more impressive results!


RAD-140 (Testolone) - Increase Testosterone Level & Lean Size

Testosterone (RAD-140)

RAD-140 is the most recent type of SARM. The function of RAD-140 is to increase testosterone levels in the user without side effects like steroids. Steroids use the effects of androgen to aid muscle growth. Unlike steroids, RAD-140 uses stimulating hormone receptors in the body to increase testosterone levels naturally, to help muscle grow. RAD-140 is suitable for:

  • Those who are low in height due to steroid testosterone
  • Those who want to use steroids but are afraid of the effects
  • Who are in PCT to maintain their muscle
  • Those who are afraid of gyno, due to not aromatizing to estrogen

RAD-140 Clinical Studies

Because Testolone (RAD140) is so new and is still in Phase 1 of trials, studies on this SARM are few. However, so far it has been shown to increase endurance, stamina, and speed during an athlete’s training. It is capable of increasing strength and muscle volume in a much shorter time, especially in those who are deficient in the male hormone testosterone. Moreover, RAD140 has anti-catabolic properties, so it will be a great help in preventing muscle-wasting problems

Testosterone (RAD-140) – How It Works?

RAD-140 is one of the newest SARMS, and its objective is to blast testosterone without the negative side effects associated with steroid use. Hence the reason why it is an alternative to testosterone replacement therapy. Specifically, it has been shown to interact with hormonal receptors in the tissues in the same way as large doses of testosterone do. Furthermore, it also exhibited a greater anabolic effect than testosterone and a more reinforced effect as well.