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CN Loyal 1884

Presenting CN LOYAL 1884 Peanut Paste Butter - a tasty mixture of old-fashioned customs and modern creativity, made with attention to detail since the memorable year of 1884. CN LOYAL commitment to being genuine is evident in each jar, guaranteeing that you taste the true essence of peanuts in every bite satisfying both your Malaysian and global tastebuds.
CN LOYAL 1884 Peanut Butter Paste from others? It's straightforward: our dedication to being pure. Bid farewell to additives and preservatives - our peanut butter stands as proof of pure natural goodness. Specializing in health and wellness, CN LOYAL 1884 Peanut Paste provides a nutrient-rich boost, offering high levels of protein and vitamin E, and is also gluten-free to accommodate various dietary requirements while having the best-tasting peanut butter paste available in Malaysia.