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Rookie Rumble 2023 at International Medical University (IMU)

First of all, we want to thank International Medical University (IMU) for inviting ProteinLab Malaysia to the Rookie Rumble event on 17 December 2023. 

Protein Lab is one of the Silver Sponsor at International Medical University (IMU)

We focused on raising the benchmark for athletic performance, as seen by our collaboration with Rookie Rumble 2023. We take enjoyment in being at the leading edge of sports nutrition including Energy Drinks, Fat Burner, Creatine Monohydrates, and more. Achievement is important to us, and we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with everyone who takes part so they can achieve their greatest potential.


The "Eat 6 Potato Chips in 35 Seconds" challenge was a unique offer for participants at the Protein Lab booth. But here's the catch: to be allowed to participate, you had to buy one of our Suppzlab Energy Drinks. This entertaining game brought a little excitement and gave players a personal look into the relationship between rapid energy expenditure and athletic performance.

One of the MCs there takes the challenge that we mention at the top, but he fails. and more participants tried to take down the prize of RM20 but most of them failed to eat 6 pieces of potato chips in 35 seconds. Moreover, another MC there won the prize and he managed to complete the challenge.

The IMU dance floor was blazing with amazing performances and intense dance competitions. Everything about the performance, from excited dance to gravity-defying feats, was an expression of skill and fire. Rookie Rumble 2023 was a celebration of unrestrained enthusiasm and raw potential rather than just a competition. The dancing competitions developed into a stage where people could express their individuality and creativity to a responsive audience. A spirit of solidarity and companionship permeated the arena as clapping, cheers, and encouraging cries were heard. THAT WAS INSANE MOVEMENT OF DANCE RIGHT THERE!!!!

OK guys that is the end of this amazing event at IMU, To find out more about what is the suitable supplement that can help you engage in your movement style in dance or to improve your fitness goal, you are welcome to find us at Bandar Utama Store, Cyberjaya Store and Even at SS2 Store.

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