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Why Join ProteinLab Malaysia?

ProteinLab Malaysia is a company that has been growing tremendously since 2020 and is one of the most instrumental suppliers providing authentic, European Food Approved and FDA Approved sports supplements nationwide to resellers and retailers in Malaysia and other countries. 

ProteinLab Malaysia strives to deliver only authentic and genuine sports supplements to our consumers. ProteinLab Malaysia would also serve the provide accurate most scientifically proven nutrition advice to consumers and work to constantly debunk nutrition advice myths. 

If you are someone who shares the same passion, dreams, and goals with ProteinLab Malaysia, apply now to experience the thrills of handling an established local business with a passion and commitment to providing only the best products and services for our customers.

Yet we are only growing, thus if you are the type of person who is interested in a startup company, hardworking, business-minded person, willing to work during public holidays, and sometimes sacrifice your time to help the company and want to experience the thrill of handling startup businesses and have a passion to grow it to a well know big player. Here is the place for you as we would want to expand not only in sports nutrition but also in the gym and health nutrition industry.




Process online customer orders and inquiries from online platforms such as EasyStore, Lazada, Mudah, Carousell, Silvrr+


Upload product information to Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc


Handle walk-in customer inquiries, upsell products, and handle cashier role.


Handle administration jobs such as purchasing items for the warehouse, handling customer inquiries, and more.


Handle design artwork and posters for the website, lazada, Facebook, Instagram, and other e-commerce sites.


Handle all of the above-mentioned on an ad-hoc basis.

Join us as you can if you want to learn or have the skills below: 

- Manage E-commerce platforms (Lazada, Mudah, Silvrr++ &, etc) 

- Upload/update products 

- Processing orders 

- Shipping of Product Procedure 

- Shipping Label 

- Online products and social media content creators (FB & IG) 

- Website management (create new content, update content, stock quantities, improve features) 

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

- Banner / Flyer Creation & Design 

- Online Content Management 

- POS System 

- Delivery Order Management 

- Admin Task 

We are looking for people who are:

- Hardworking

- Able to complete tasks with minor supervision

- Share the same vision and want to grow with the company

- Dedicated, willing to work without being calculative.

If you're looking for these positions, please contact us here - 

Facebook : Kevinn Khoo 

Instagram: @kevinn.khoo

Whatsapp: +017-6686592