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Amino Acids

The amino acid supplement powder is famous in-demand sports supplement in Malaysia. Base on Proteinlab (PLAB) experience amino acid is even more popular than the remarkably useful and cost-effective creatine supplementation. According to Proteinlab Malaysia founder Kevinn Khoo, Amino Acid is a practically not a supplement to be rank highly compared to what Malaysian think it's worth. As Amino Acids is just the breakdown of Protein. It would be better off to consume whole protein by itself rather than just specific amino acids. However, essential amino acids does have a place in recovery and cutting phase to maximize your gains or if you have an additional budget. 

Thus, Proteinlab Malaysia still imports various brands of Amino Acids such as Kevin Levrone, Optimum Nutrition, Scitec, Dymatize, BSN, Scivation and much more popular brand to satisfy your needs.