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Scitec Nutrition Proteinissimo Protein Snack Bar (per 1 bar)

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Proteinlab sport supplement / wholesaler Malaysia presents!

Scitec Nutrition Proteinissimo Protein Bar 

Scitec Nutrition Proteinissimo is a high-protein snack bar created by Scitec Nutrition. It is designed to deliver a convenient, on-the-go source of protein for people who want to keep up their active lifestyle and build muscle mass

Each Proteinissimo bar contains around 32% protein, which comes from a blend of high-quality whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate. The bars also contain a moderate amount of carbohydrates and healthy fats, making them a balanced snack option.

Proteinissimo bars come in various flavors such as chocolate brownie, vanilla caramel, and chocolate coconut among others. They are a well-planned way to satisfy your sweet tooth while also supporting your fitness goals.

It is also worth noting that while Proteinissimo bars can be a thoughtful addition to a healthy diet and exercise routine, they should not be relied on as the main source of nutrition. It is important to eat a varied diet that includes a variety of whole foods to ensure that you are meeting all of your nutritional needs.

As for the taste, depending on which flavor you choose, it is rich, and sweet, and has a nut-like flavor as well. In one of our staff's opinion, the texture of the bar is chewy, or crunchy depending on the ingredients that are used.

Overall, the taste of a Proteinissimo snack bar is likely to be satisfying and filling, thanks to its high protein content and combination of flavors and textures.