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Scitec Nutrition H.O.S Trio Pack (3 Bottles)

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ProteinLab Sports Supplement Supplier / Wholesaler Malaysia presents!

Scitec Nutrition H.O.S Trio Pack (3 Bottles)!!

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HOS (Hormone Optimization Support)


DAA PRO contains the popular D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) with N, N-Dimethylglycine, Zinc, and Pantothenic Acid. Zinc is used, because it helps with the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood, contributes to fertility and reproduction, and has a role in normal protein synthesis!* Pantothenic Acid contributes to the normal synthesis and metabolism of steroid hormones, Vitamin D, and some neurotransmitters, and also supports the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.* DAA supplementation already has great popularity among bodybuilders and athletes, who stay away from the illegal use of anabolic steroids! And why not use our legal, complex DAA formula that features scientifically proven key ingredients?

DIABOLICAL is a specialty complex of 7 popular ingredients, including HMB, Beta Ecdysterone, essential amino acids, plant extracts, and Vitamin B6! This strong formula contributes to the optimization of hormonal activity, protein metabolism, and energy production in your body. DIABOLICAL causes no water retention as opposed to Creatine’s potential effect.

This product is a source of Vitamin B6, which contributes to:

  • the regulation of hormonal activity
  • normal protein and glycogen (carbohydrate) metabolism
  • normal energy-yielding metabolism
  • the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • normal functioning of the immune system and nervous system
  • normal red blood cell formation*

EZTRODIM is a special, 6-ingredient plant extract matrix. This composition features many well-known and popular extracts including Mangosteen Extract, Quercetin, and Resveratrol. We also included a standardized extract of Green Tea (with a minimum of 50% Polyphenols, 30% Catechins including EGCG), plus Grape Seed extract providing Proanthocyanidins. In addition, you’ll find a Red Clover extract in EZTRODIM that is standardized for 8% Isoflavones.

*These statements have been scientifically proven by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and authorized by the European Commission (EC).

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25-day program

Dosing schedule

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Here are some of the key ingredients & how they can help you:

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)
One study found that taking D-Aspartic Acid for 12 days does boost the production of luteinizing hormones & testosterone. It may also enhance their transportation around the body. It may likewise benefit sperm quality & production. It also helps every cell in the bodywork. It can normalize the nervous system's function.

N, N-Dimethylglycine
N, N-Dimethylglycine is a naturally occurring amino acid derivative & a methyl donor that supports the body's metabolic processes. As an immune system modulator, N, N-Dimethylglycine can also support circulation, oxygen utilization, brain health, liver health, cellular structure, cardiovascular health, as well as joint comfort & hydration. Some people use it to reduce stress & the effects of aging, as well as boost the immune system's defenses against infection. N, N-Dimethylglycine is also used to lower blood cholesterol & triglycerides & to help bring blood pressure &blood sugar into a normal range.

Clinically proven to help maintain testosterone levels in the blood.
Contributes to fertility & reproduction.
Has a critical role in protein synthesis.

Vitamin B5
Pantothenic Acids (better known as Vitamin B5).
Contributes to the synthesis & metabolism of steroid hormones.
Neurotransmitters to allow your body to perform optimally.
Supports the reduction of tiredness & fatigue.

Vitamin B6
May Improve Mood and Reduce Symptoms of Depression which is often associated with someone using steroids or sarms cycles. This HOS hormone regulator can also be used as a SARMs post-cycle therapy (PCT). Vitamin B6 is extremely important to help you to regulate back your hormonal activities. It also allows your metabolic system to function optimally. Letting your body be able to optimally use energy and reduce symptoms of tiredness or low energy which come when you go off a cycle.

HMB Ca (Calcium Beta-Hydroxy Beta-Methyl butyrate)
This ingredient is a chemical that is produced when the body breaks down leucine. HMB is effective to be used for building muscle or preventing muscle loss. Muscle loss usually occurs during a PCT period. Thus stack will allow you to retain as much muscle mass as possible during your cycle. HMB also helps athletes use oxygen more efficiently. One study also find that HMB-FA/ATP supplementation significantly contributed to strength maintenance, in comparison to a placebo group whose strength and power declined after a series of the same exercise. The findings of this study imply that a combination of HMB-FA and ATP could be utilized by individuals who regularly engage in high-intensity training. 

L-Leucine & L-Isoleucine
These 2 amino acid is considered under BCAA which is an essential amino acid. They play an important role in preventing muscle breakdown and muscle synthesis. 

Fenugreek Extract
This little plant packs a punch for testosterone-boosting effects and health. But since we all just want to know about what it can do for testosterone, here is one study: A 12-week study in 50 men demonstrated that those who took a daily 500-mg fenugreek supplement that contained concentrated amounts of protodioscin experienced significant improvements in their testosterone levels.  The study found that testosterone levels increased by up to 46% in an impressive 90% of the participants. What’s more, the majority of the fenugreek supplement group experienced improvements in mood, energy, libido, and sperm count

Beta Ecdysterone
Beta-ecdysterone, also called ecdysterone or 20-hydroxyecdysone, is a naturally occurring steroid found in plants and insects. Ecdysteroids can lower cholesterol and blood glucose, are seen as healthy for the liver and intestines by increasing protein synthesis rates, and may have protective effects on neural tissue. Beta-ecdysterone is added to the Scitec HOS pack to promote protein synthesis, which enhances lean body mass and keeps your body performing optimally.

Piper Fruit Extract
Mainly used because they are high in antioxidants and help you fight off inflammation. But most importantly, it helps the absorption of essential nutrients. No point if the Scitec HOS pack contain all the high dose for hormone optimization and balancing if all those herbs and nutrients are not absorbed well. Adding piper fruit extract can help boost all the ingredients' absorption rate greatly and not tax your body with high/overdose ingredients. Some companies did not bother about the absorption rate at all and solely focused on high-dose ingredients. A lot of consumers do not aware that low-quality ingredients will usually be poorly absorbed or barely able to be utilized by your body. But in the long term, it might even translate to taxing your body filtering system! Here in Proteinlab Malaysia, we can't stress enough high-quality supplements rather than just cheap high-dose ingredients supplements. It makes a lot of difference!

Caffeine (From Green Tea)
We all know how important caffeine is for energy production and fat loss. No worry about overdosing on energy. Scitec HOS trio hormone optimizer pack only contains 20mg of caffeine per serving. Enough to give you stable constant energy which you would feel on your PCT cycle. But won't overdose you to cause you to crash.

Mangosteen Extract
This is a powerful antioxidant and antiestrogen compound. What do we fear the most when we are on our PCT cycle? I bet it is estrogen right?
This study shows: that Mangosteen (the pericarp of Garcinia mangostina) was screened using a non-cellular, enzyme-based microsomal aromatase inhibition assay in which a follow-up cell-based assay using SK-BR-3 breast cancer cells that express high levels of aromatase, the most potent of these four xanthones was γ-mangosteen.
Whereas for this study: Mangostin against breast cancer and prostate cancer. So far, extracts and individual xanthones have been found to induce apoptosis and inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells in vitro and in vivo. Based on the reported findings there is clear evidence that these polyphenols target multiple signaling pathways involved in cell cycle modulation and apoptosis which is responsible for estrogen and anti-cancer.

Quercetin Dihydrate
This compound is found naturally in food pigments. It is linked to several health benefits, including reduced risks of heart disease, cancer, and degenerative brain disorders. This compound is also another extremely powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammation, and anti-cancer ingredient.

Resveratrol Extract
Another extremely powerful plant compound that acts as an antioxidant. In addition to that, resveratrol supplements have been linked to many exciting health benefits, including protecting brain function and lowering blood pressure. With all these powerful antioxidants, you can be sure it will protect and flush out the toxins (free radicals) that same in or accumulated in your body.

Green Tea Extract (Min 50% polyphenols)
We always heard of numerous green tea health benefits. Ranging from burning fats to anti-aging benefits. But do you know that Green Tea is also a powerhouse in antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and help fight cancer?
According to the National Cancer Institute, the polyphenols in tea have been shown to decrease tumor growth in laboratory and animal studies and may protect against damage caused by ultraviolet UVB radiation. In countries where green tea consumption is high, cancer rates tend to be lower. However, this could also be due to lifestyle as more research is being done on these amazing green tea extracts.  
Grape Seed Extract
Grape seeds are rich in antioxidants, including phenolic acids, anthocyanins, flavonoids, and oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs). With this addition to the HOS trio pack, you can be assured your body is well protected. The grape seed extract has been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve blood flow, improve collagen level, improve bone strength, improve kidney function, protect your liver, and have many more antioxidant benefits!

Red Clover Extract
This compound has been used traditionally as a hormone-balancing compound. Though not much research is being done on this compound yet in this area. Other benefits which come along with these ingredients are believed to help proper lymphatic function (alternative), immune support, healthy skin, and proper endocrine function. 

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Allergen info
Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, egg, gluten, soy, peanuts, nuts, fish, and crustacean ingredients 

Use this product in conjunction with food as part of a healthy, balanced diet, not as a substitute for such. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN! DON’T EXCEED THE RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSAGE!   

DAA Pro: 100 capsules – 25 servings
Diabolica: 100 capsules – 25 servings
Eztrodim: 50 capsules – 25 servings