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Pure Science Labs RAD-140 (Testolone) (60 Caps)

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What is RAD-140 aka testolone?

A new class of sports supplements, known as SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators), now follows the age of anabolic steroids.

Sports professionals as well as bodybuilders seem (to a large extent) to turn to these new-generation sports stimulation products which - as they state - have a smaller number of side effects than anabolic steroids.

RAD140 increase stamina and endurance

What can be Expected by using RAD-140

1. Muscle strengthening and reconstruction

Testolone is a chemical, primarily intended for muscle strengthening and rebuilding.

 As a medicine, it aims to restore muscle damage due to various diseases (such as cancer, cachexia, etc.).

 A single cycle with the RAD-140 is capable of delivering tremendous muscle mass benefits.

 Users of this RAD-140 report muscle benefits of up to two (2) to two and a half (2.5) of lean muscle on average over an 8-week cycle.

 There are even examples of users who even reached about six (6) kilos of net muscle gain per RAD cycle.


2.Targeted fat burning

As you know, the bigger the muscle mass, the more body fat burns.

However, it is not only that.

The RAD-140 with its chemical structure helps you burn fat throughout the day.

Your enhanced metabolic rate will be your best “ally” for a body “dry” of fat and with perfectly lined muscles.

The users confirm that the results are real.

RAD-140 has helped users to burn huge amounts of pure fat.

More specifically, the people who used the chemical testolone managed to reduce their body fat from 17% to 12%, and this after only one (1) RAD cycle.


3. Enhanced physical strength and endurance

With the RAD -140, you have - among other things - enhanced physical strength, increased endurance (for aerobic and anaerobic exercise), and improved physical condition.

It is no coincidence that athletes in “tedious” sports such as bodybuilding, weight lifting, and cross fit select the RAD-140 for more efficient training.

You will notice that you finish the workouts until the end with a reduced feeling of fatigue and exhaustion.

You will also be able to lift heavier weights with less effort.

All RAD-140 users agree on this: This product takes your workouts to the next level.


4. Ribbing and vascularity

One of the goals of every bodybuilding athlete (and not only) is to gain “dry” body fat, with hard-lined muscles and visible blood vessels.

Nevertheless, lean muscle and vascularity require you to eliminate every gram of fat.

For muscles to look perfectly lined, you must have managed to get a body “dry” from fat, so are not covered under the fat.

The RAD-140 helps you in this goal in various ways.

It enhances targeted fat burning in the body, promotes the development of hard muscle mass, enhances blood circulation, and ultimately achieves coveted vascularity.

How does it work?

 This SARM works in a way similar to that of steroids, with their only (and very important) difference being the fact that RAD 140 as SARM (as a product of selective action) selectively targets specific tissues of the human body.

More specifically, RAD 140, targets androgen receptors dealing exclusively with muscle and bone tissue, promoting their rapid and spectacular enhancement.

The result is the rapid growth of lean muscle mass (while promoting the burning of excess body fat), as well as effective strengthening of bones by increasing their density.


- On muscle tissues

RAD 140 (or Testolone) provides a huge energy boost for the body, but also a muscular strengthening, favoring training.

This means faster results (physical gains) in a much shorter time and with much less effort.

In any case, the action is not only about strengthening the muscles and the faster reconstruction of a hard lean muscle mass.

It also relates to the protection of the muscles from damage and losses during the intense and demanding training, but also during the implementation of strict nutritional programs in order to eliminate body fat.


- On bone tissues

In the case of bones, RAD 140 works as a booster and it was created as a medicinal product to fight osteoporosis and strengthen bones.

This automatically means stronger bones, that is, fewer injuries autoduring training.

Especially in “aggravating” sports in terms of bones (such as bodybuilding), bone strengthening is almost imperative, as a serious injury can easily put you out of training or competition for a long time.

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