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Perfect Shaker Green Lantern Edition 20oz

RM 48.00

ProteinLab sport supplement supplier / wholesaler malaysia presents!

Perfect Shaker Green Lantern Edition 20oz

Be safe and rest assure you are getting 100% authentic products at the lowest price when you purchase from ProteinLab Malaysia.

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The Perfect Shaker sets itself apart from the rest by not having the traditional snap on lid. The Perfect Shaker features a screw on cap which makes drinking out of the cup a whole lot easier.

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Action Rod

Flip Cap

Anti Spill

BPA Free


The protein shake bottle comes in handy and people love using it as it is absolutely perfect for all their health supplements and fruit juice drinks.




ACTIONROD TECHNOLOGY is a patented shaker agitation element that is scientifically developed using the law of motion. During the blending process, the agitator and rod combine to form a high performance piston, colliding with high momentum in the opposite direction of the mixture. This rapid collision builds momentum within the cup as the fluid mixture accelerates and impact becomes intensified. The explosive impact results in instant  emulsification and perfectly blended drinks every time. You can say goodbye to the clumpy feel of protein powder and mass gainer with this state of at technology.


As ProteinLab is the authorized  reseller in Malaysia for PerfectShaker Performa shaker cups. You canrest assure what you are getting 100% BPA free the safest supplement consumption. PerfectShaker Performa Extralast Ink ensures that th design on your cup stays pristine wash after wash.


Not all shaker bottle are made the same. Notice how durable most ProteinLab Malaysia brand shaker is? The quality of the plastic used and its overall density play a key role in how shatter resistant it is. Performa PerfectShaker bottles use a specialized blend of polymers that ensure maximum shock absorption and elasticity.

What are drink accessories?

Drink shakers can be used for mixing a number of nourishing beverages as well as salad dressings to create a wide array of tasty mixtures. These shaker bottles are manufactured with a small screen-wire based fitting that helps to blend the liquid quickly and easily and also creates froth.
Suitable for athletes and fitness aficionados Some of these shakers come with mixers and these are best suited for athletes and fitness aficionados who are into rigorous training and need to focus on the fitness levels all the time. All they need to do is pour the required quantity of powdered supplements into the shaker cups, add the required amount of water and their protein shake is ready without them having to leave their training academy or gym. Importance Modern technology has come a long way and products like these are must-haves for people who believe in buying quality and useful gear that is appropriate for their use.

Advantages of using a protein shaker

The drink shaker is suitable for blending all kinds of nutritional brews and is a favorite with a number of enthusiasts of fitness who require these shakes at constant and frequent intervals of time. Use as a blender
The same device can also be used as a blender for sauces, marinades and even omelets. No spillage With its tight spill-proof cap that can be unfastened without difficulty, these drink accessories ensure that there are no spillages when blending the beverage. Portability It is compact and easy to handle and extremely portable and countless drinks and potions that are suitable for consumption can be prepared by using a protein shaker bottle. Tumbler and leak-proof cover Some models come with a tumbler that has a capacity of sixteen ounces. These large shakers come with a leak-proof cover as well as measurement marks and different types of drinks can be stored, measured, and blended in it.Affordable The shaker bottles are very user-friendly and affordable and they can also be used to keep a shake or a protein drink chilled for a longer duration even if it is refrigerated for just half an hour.