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OstroVit Shaker Bottle (500ml)

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A collection of vibrant and dependable shakers that you can now conveniently carry wherever you go. Whether it's a rigorous strength training session, a mountain adventure, or simply a leisurely walk, this shaker is your perfect companion. Just fill it with water or your favorite protein shake, and you'll have a quick and hassle-free meal replacement without the need for extensive preparation. With the OstroVit Shaker 400ml, the choice is yours! It offers both functionality and portability, making it an excellent option for those on the move.

Shaker bottles have become increasingly popular due to the growing variety of sports and fitness protein powders and powdered meal replacements. Printed shaker bottles are particularly suitable for ensuring smooth mixing of protein powders. Private label shaker bottles are a fantastic giveaway option for gyms, sports centers, health clubs, or for resale to promote your gym or brand. Our branded printed shaker mixers are available in a compact 400ml mini shaker size.

In addition to protein shakes, shaker bottles can also be used for a wide range of beverages, including juice, sports drinks, iced coffee, or plain water. The Printed Shaker Bottle is designed with ergonomics in mind, featuring an easy-to-hold grip, making it suitable for use as an active lifestyle water bottle as well. We also offer pink shaker bottles that can be customized with your brand and company logo, helping to enhance your business's visibility among your target audience.

Key Features:

The shaker bottle has several properties that make it convenient and user-friendly:

- Strainer: The bottle is equipped with a strainer that aids in effectively mixing the supplement, ensuring a smooth and lump-free consistency.

- Easy to Clean: The design of the bottle facilitates easy cleaning, making it hassle-free to maintain hygiene.

- 700 ml Capacity: With a generous capacity of 700 ml, the bottle allows you to mix an ample amount of your desired supplement.

- Transparent Division: The bottle features a transparent division, allowing you to easily measure and monitor the volume of liquid or powder inside.

- Comfortable and Durable: Designed with user comfort in mind, the shaker bottle offers an ergonomic grip for easy handling. It is also constructed from durable materials, ensuring its longevity.

Another key feature of the shaker bottle is the twist and lock cap. This innovative design allows for a secure closure, ensuring that the contents of the bottle remain safely contained without the risk of leakage or spills. The twist and lock cap provides added convenience and peace of mind, making the bottle ideal for on-the-go use during workouts, travel, or any other active lifestyle activities.

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