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Proteinlab Luxury Skipping Rope (Superior Quality)

RM 28.00

ProteinLab Malaysia has launched a new luxury style in our skipping rope collection. Recently, we have brought this amazing skipping rope. It is a high-quality yet heavy-duty product. 

Moreover, the material of the inner skipping rope is made out of steel wire. 


A) Less Likely To Break
Perhaps the biggest of the advantages of wire rope in a skipping rope is that it is made up of several strands of wire woven together, which have themselves been constructed by weaving together several wires. This creates a sturdy material that is formed from multiple wires with a core in the middle, with this core providing great reserve strength. A sturdy, reliable alternative for all of your skipping rope needs. 

B) Suitable Weight
Another of the advantages of this luxury steel wire skipping rope is that despite this increased level of skipping rope strength, it has minimal weight and size compared to something like a heavy iron chain, without compromising on its effectiveness. Despite its low weight, it still has great flexibility. Moreover unlike plastic rope which has a hard time maintaining its shape during skipping, wired skipping rope not only maintains its shape but with the correct weight just right to produce weight to keep your skipping momentum going.

C) Longer Service Life Than Chains
Although metal chains can handle a large load, if one link in that chain breaks or suffers a defect, then the whole length of the chain is rendered useless. If wires or a strand within the rope breaks or snaps, the load can still be supported by the rest of the strands, especially the strong core. We would, of course, recommend disposing of any defective ropes immediately however to ensure safety. But should there be any breakage midway through skipping, it should be able to safely maintain the rest of the load.
It is a more reliable alternative than wrought iron chains. 

6 Strong solid steel wire body to handle the heavy-duty workout of Team ProteinLab Malaysia and any athlete's regime.


Moreover, Proteinlab Luxury Skipping Rope (Superior Quality) handles have 3 layers to them. First, we have the handle itself. The handles are made out of the PP new material along with multiple heat-treatment processes. Then we have the EVA-Inner cotton. With this, it can absorb the sweat from the palms along to prevent bad odor and moisture from the handles. As for the EVA-outer cotton, it is soft and comfortable to the touch when in use. So that when you grip it, you won't lose it while you skip it.

Moreover, you can even adjust the length of the rope!!

Yes, you read that right. It can be adjustable to your liking. First off, the adjusting rope length. This customize device can help you change the rope length freely according to the height of your choice. You can adjust it for kids size at 130cm, for Ladies size at 166cm and even up to Hugh size man at 185cm. On the rope body, we have the bold PVC inlaid wire rope. which is strong, wear-resistant, not floating & it is conducive to the speed of skipping. This brings me to the dustproof bearing. This dustproof bearing is a 360 low noise rotation, durable and stable for a smooth swing action.

The skipping rope can be adapted to different road environments such as cement floors, Mooring roads, Playground floors, and even stone paving roads.

There are two things in particular that you need to keep in mind what is the length of the portion. Firstly, the handle's length is 16 cm. so that you can have a suitable grip on the skipping rope. As for the rope itself, it is 300 cm.

A) Fast & Smooth
It has an anti-dust ballbearing system to promise more durability and stability, you could easily swing the skip ropes by 360-degree rotation. And it is good to improve speed and avoid being twisted or wind. 

B) Perfect For Exercise 
Our workout speed ropes suit all heights and skills, skipping effectively helps you exercise wrists, and leg strength and drive other body parts together. 

C) Not Easy To Break 
The jumping rope workout is made of thickened braided steel wire with PVC coated which features that are not easy to break and ensures effortless and smooth exercise. 

In conclusion, you will enjoy your own sports experience with this IRONWILL soft memory foam anti-slip handles skipping rope! 

ProteinLab sports supplement supplier/wholesaler Malaysia presents!

Proteinlab Luxury Skipping Rope (Superior Quality)

Be safe and rest assured you are getting 100% authentic products at the lowest price when you purchase from ProteinLab Malaysia.

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