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Eternal Wellness Vegan Protein (750G)

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Are you a health-conscious person from Malaysia seeking a plant-based protein option to enhance your overall well-being? Don't look for anything other than Eternal Vegan Protein! Crafted with premium pea protein isolate and infused with generous doses of BCAAs, Eternal Vegan Protein offers a convenient and effective solution for sustaining your active routine while staying true to your dietary preferences.


Eternal Vegan Protein provides more than just protein, it offers additional benefits. Unlike some incomplete plant-based proteins, each serving provides a complete amino acid profile, delivering all nine essential amino acids needed for optimal bodily function. This signifies:

Enhanced Muscle Wellness: Eternal Vegan Protein provides the necessary nutrients to maintain or promote healthy muscle growth, whether you aim to preserve lean muscle mass or support muscle development.

Enhanced Recovery: After an intense exercise session, your body needs help with repairing and reconstructing muscle tissue. The protein content and elevated levels of BCAAs in Eternal Vegan Protein effectively aid in improving recovery, allowing you to return stronger. BCAAs can be quickly absorbed by muscles and could significantly affect the recovery and growth of muscles, potentially reducing muscle soreness and enhancing post-workout protein synthesis.

Elevated Energy Levels: Protein is crucial in sustaining steady energy levels. Incorporating Eternal Vegan Protein into your daily diet can provide you with a natural energy boost to enhance your active lifestyle in Malaysia.

Protein is necessary to keep bones strong and maintain a good immune system. By using Eternal Vegan Protein, you can ensure that your body receives all the essential resources it needs to uphold its strength and resilience.

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Gentle on Your Body, Big on Benefits:

Eternal Vegan Protein is built upon pea protein, which is renowned for its superb digestibility. This is an ideal option for individuals with delicate stomachs, guaranteeing a mild encounter free from bloating or discomfort. Furthermore, Eternal Vegan Protein offers:

Allergen-Friendly: No soy, gluten, lactose, or dairy included, perfect for those with dietary limitations.

Non-GMO: Our philosophy is centered on using pure, eco-friendly components. You can have confidence in the fact that Eternal Vegan Protein is devoid of genetically modified organisms.

An Organic Enhancement with Authentic Cocoa:

Eternal Vegan Protein is flavored with natural cocoa powder for a hint of luxury and a dose of antioxidants. This tasty extra not only tastes great but also provides various health advantages due to its flavanoid levels.

Helps with muscle healing and strength: Research indicates that flavonoids might be involved in muscle recovery and keeping muscles healthy.

Supports General Well-being: Antioxidants found in natural cocoa powder may aid in promoting a healthy heart through enhanced blood circulation and possibly decreasing inflammation. Research has also indicated that they could be advantageous for cognitive function and the health of the brain.

Improved Metabolism: Regular consumption of natural cocoa could slightly boost your metabolism, helping with weight control endeavors.

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Eternal Vegan Protein is not limited to only athletes and gym enthusiasts. With its high BCAA content, this complete protein source provides a tasty and easy way to fulfill your daily protein requirements, no matter how active you are.

Aids in Body Growth and Development: Protein is crucial for promoting healthy growth and development in children and adolescents. Eternal Vegan Protein offers a plant-based option rich in BCAAs to fulfill their nutritional requirements.

Protein is crucial for keeping bones strong and eyes healthy. Eternal Vegan Protein is a beneficial supplement for people of any age to include in a well-rounded diet.

Managing weight: Keeping full for extended periods assists in weight management. Protein is recognized for its satisfying qualities, and Eternal Vegan Protein can assist in making you feel full and reducing cravings.

Senior citizens require more protein as they get older to preserve muscle and bone strength. Eternal Vegan Protein provides an easily absorbed plant-based protein option with a high amount of BCAAs to assist in senior nutrition.

For people recovering from sickness or undergoing surgery, protein is essential for repairing tissues in Clinical Nutrition. Eternal Vegan Protein is a useful resource for clinical nutrition strategies.

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Beyond a simple substance, not merely a fine powder:

Eternal Vegan Protein offers a Plant-based protein in Malaysia, a convenient and delicious means to boost your daily protein consumption with complete amino acid protein in Malaysia. Easily blend it in smoothies, shakes, or plant-based recipes to seamlessly incorporate it into your health routine.

Be safe and rest assured you are getting 100% authentic products at the lowest price when you purchase from ProteinLab Malaysia.

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