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Apotec GProtein Isolate Whey Protein Soy The Genesis of Gains (900G)

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G-protein is a renowned health and wellness brand committed to providing exceptional individuals like yourself with premium whey protein products that support your fitness and well-being. Their primary objective is to empower individuals, including YOU, to achieve your health goals by offering scientifically-backed and meticulously crafted whey protein supplements.



Unleash the extraordinary potency of our premium whey protein product, revolutionizing the realm of fitness and well-being. With an impeccable fusion of remarkable attributes, including the formidable BCAAs for accelerated muscle growth and recovery, the digestive fortitude of Psyllium Husk for optimal gut health, the delectable sweetness of Stevia, and our meticulously curated 1B type of vitamin mineral premix. Embrace unparalleled excellence, fuel your physique with the finest constituents, and unlock the depths of your true potential. Ascend to elevated performance, embrace the essence of strength, and embark on a transformative odyssey towards unrivaled triumph. Elect our product as your beacon and unlock the boundless possibilities that await.


G-protein product consists of carefully selected ingredients, including:

- Isolated Soy Protein (49%): Indulge in the power of Isolated Soy Protein (49%), a premium plant-based protein source. This exceptional ingredient boasts a complete profile of essential amino acids vital for muscle growth and repair. By incorporating Isolated Soy Protein into our formula, we offer a vegan-friendly option, perfect for those following a plant-based diet or seeking a non-dairy protein source. Embrace the strength of nature and fuel your body with the finest plant-based protein available

- Cocoa Powder: Experience the tantalizing allure of Cocoa Powder, derived from the finest cocoa beans. Not only does it lend our product an exquisite chocolate flavor, but it also brings forth a wealth of antioxidant properties. Indulge your senses as cocoa powder enhances the overall taste, while its natural compounds may potentially support cardiovascular health and provide a delightful mood-boosting effect. Elevate your protein experience with a touch of pure bliss

- Whey Protein Isolate (17.38%): Unleash the power of Whey Protein Isolate (17.38%), a pinnacle of protein excellence derived from milk. Within its structure lies an abundance of essential amino acids, boasting a high biological value that ensures easy absorption and utilization by your body. This extraordinary ingredient is renowned for its ability to promote accelerated muscle recovery, ignite muscle growth, and facilitate post-workout muscle protein synthesis. Give your muscles the nourishment they crave with the epitome of protein perfection.

- Malt Extract: Savor the sweetness of Malt Extract, a natural sweetener derived from sprouted barley. This delightful addition not only imparts a touch of sweetness to our product but also provides a source of energizing carbohydrates. Fuel your workouts and replenish glycogen stores with this essential nutrient. Let the refreshing taste of malt extract invigorate your senses and propel you towards peak performance.

- Soy Lecithin: Experience the harmonious blendability and velvety texture bestowed upon our product by Soy Lecithin. Derived from soybeans, this natural emulsifier ensures a flawlessly smooth and consistent blend, satisfying all your senses. Within its composition lies the goodness of phospholipids, promoting optimal brain health and facilitating the function of cell membranes. Let soy lecithin elevate your protein experience to new heights.

- Instant BCAA (3.6g per 900g): Elevate your muscle growth and recovery with the inclusion of Instant BCAAs (3.6g per 900g). These mighty Branched-Chain Amino Acids encompass three essential building blocks: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Witness their transformative power as they fuel muscle protein synthesis, minimize muscle damage, and accelerate post-workout recovery. Embrace the instant support for your muscles, propelling you towards unprecedented growth and repair

- Psyllium Husk: Nurture your digestive health with the natural prowess of Psyllium Husk. This exceptional dietary fiber acts as a gentle yet effective bulk-forming laxative, ensuring regular bowel movements and promoting a healthy digestive system. Embrace the holistic benefits of psyllium husk as it supports optimal gut health, empowering you to conquer your fitness goals from the inside out

- Sweetener (Stevia): Savor the sweetness of a healthier alternative with our natural Sweetener, Stevia. Derived from the Stevia plant, this zero-calorie marvel adds a delightful sweetness to our product without the burden of significant calories or adverse effects on blood sugar levels. Indulge guilt-free and relish in the exquisite taste of our protein supplement, sweetened to perfection by nature itself.


Recommended Usage:

To enjoy, simply mix 3 scoops of the product with 250ml of warm or cold water and shake or stir well.

ProteinLab sports nutrition supplement supplier/wholesaler Malaysia presents!


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