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MAXLER is manufactured using the latest advanced technologies in sports nutrition and in accordance with the standards of quality and taste. Each product is created on the basis of a unique MAXLER formula, which has no alternatives in the world.

MAXLER is produced with the implementation of modern, high-tech equipment from the collaboration of 2 top countries (USA and Germany) in sports supplements and quality. All the products are manufactured from high-quality raw materials and in compliance with the American GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and European standard IFS (International Food Standard).

The company makes every effort to create first-class products that meet the high demands of professional sportsmen as well as the requirements of people who choose an active lifestyle. MAXLER products in Malaysia includes all the food groups: protein, protein-carbohydrate mixtures, creatine, pre-workout multifunctional complexes, collagen, beauty complex mix, amino acid complexes, complexes for bones and joints, natural testosterone boosters and other products aimed at helping you to achieve greatest results.

Unique formulas, natural ingredients and flavourings are the features that distinguish MAXLER from the competitors. Moreover, MAXLER pleasantly surprises its customers with affordable prices and a wide range of products.
ProteinLab Malaysia brings Maxler into Malaysia with the confident of what Maxler products improve your internal healths and external outlook.