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MMX Muscle Metabolix Mass Gainer Dutch Chocolate 13lbs (16 Servings)

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MMX Metabolix Mass Gainer Dutch Chocolate 13lbs (16 Servings)

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Introducing the MMX Muscle Metabolix Mass. Specifically made to enhance muscle growth and recovery. It is designed to offer a premium combination of proteins, carbs, and other vital nutrients that are important for athletes and those trying to gain muscle mass. MMX Muscle Metabolix Mass provides a sizable amount of supplement to complement your training and dietary demands with a weight of 13lbs and 16 servings.

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The protein blend in MMX Metabolix Mass is one of its main ingredients. Since proteins are the foundation of muscles, getting a proper intake is essential for both muscular growth and repair. To offer a prolonged release of amino acids, MMX Metabolix Mass blends a variety of protein sources, including whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and casein protein. This mixture makes sure that your muscles get a consistent amount of nutrients over time.

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MMX Muscle Metabolix Mass includes a combination of complex carbs in addition to proteins. After doing vigorous activity, carbohydrates refill your glycogen stores and provide you with energy. The carbohydrate blend in MMX Metabolix Mass assists in giving you the energy you need to support your workouts and promote muscle repair. With each serving containing 252g of carbs and 65g of protein.

Essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary to general health and wellbeing are also included in MMX Muscle Metabolix Mass. These nutrients promote a number of physiological processes, including as muscular contractions, immune system activity, and energy metabolism. MMX Muscle Metabolix Mass seeks to maximise your body's capacity for performance and recuperation by adding these crucial micronutrients. 5g of creatine monohydrate and 14g of BCAA is included per serving.

To sum up, MMX Muscle Metabolix Mass is a protein supplement created to help people add muscle mass. It aims to enhance muscular growth, assist in muscle repair, and give the required fuel for demanding workouts with the combination of proteins, carbs, and important nutrients. 

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MMX Metabolix Mass Gainer Dutch Chocolate 13lbs (16 Servings)

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