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CN Loyal 1884 Peanut Paste (360G)

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 ProteinLab sports nutrition supplements supplier/wholesaler Malaysia presents!

CN Loyal 1884 Peanut Paste (360G)

CN Loyal 1884 Peanut Paste

Welcome to a world where flavor, wellness, and eco-friendliness blend effortlessly. At ProteinLab Malaysia, we are delighted to present CN Loyal 1884 Peanut Butter Paste, a high-quality product that represents purity and excellence. Made with attention and commitment for the best natural-tasting peanut butter paste, CN Loyal 1884 Peanut Paste is the top option for individuals looking for authentic, wholesome quality.

Unrivaled Quality, Incomparable Flavor

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Experience the natural kind of organic peanuts with CN Loyal 1884 Peanut Paste Butter. Crafted from natural peanuts derived from viable farms, all jar illustrates CN Loyal 1884's devotion to value and cleanness.

Different options to entertain your senses.

Discover the expanded collection of CN Loyal 1884 Peanut Paste choices, each planned to amaze your palate.

Unsweetened Chunky: If you appreciate chunky peanut butter, CN Loyal 1884 Unsweetened Chunky is the all natural chunky unsweetened peanut butter paste you would want to buy!

Unsweetened Smooth:CN Loyal 1884's smooth all natural peanut butter paste with no additives or presavatives, this peanut butter is the best smooth unsweetened natural peanut butter with a cheap price you can get in Malaysia.

Brown Sugar and Himalayan Salt Chunky:CN Loyal 1884's chunky peanut butter paste with natural ingredients, this savoury and textured peanut butter paste will leave you speechless with the natural sugars and salt.

Brown Sugar and Himalayan Salt Smooth:CN Loyal 1884's smooth and creamy peanut butter paste with natural ingredients is here to boost your taste buds with no presavatives or additives in sight!

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Numerous health advantages

In addition to their delicious flavor, CN Loyal 1884 Peanut Butter Paste has health benefits!

100% of the ingredients used in CN Loyal 1884 Peanut Paste are natural, a peanut butter with no artificial additives, preservatives, or flavors. Enjoy the natural goodness with each bite.

Rich in Protein: Filled with plant-derived protein, CN Loyal 1884 Peanut Paste is a healthy powerhouse, the best peanut butter with high protein per serving!

High in Fiber: With a high content of dietary fiber, CN Loyal 1884 Peanut Paste promotes digestive health and provides a lasting feeling of fullness and satisfaction. This high fibre peanut butter in Malaysia will leave you feeling healthier.

Gluten-Free:CN Loyal 1884 peanut butter with no gluten. A gluten-free peanut butter with the cheapest price in it's category!

Cholesterol Free: No more concerns about cholesterol with CN Loyal 1884's cholesterol free peanut butter, you can eat it without worry of heart disease!

Free of Trans Fat: CN Loyal 1884's trans fat free peanut butter is here to save you of your unhealthy eating habits, by replacing your unhealthy peanut butter with the healthier CN Loyal natural peanut butter.

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Order Yours Today!

Experience the unmatched characteristic and taste of CN Loyal 1884 Peanut Paste. Order immediately and jump off a journey of flavor, fitness, and sustainability with ProteinLab. Join us in our calling to promote fitness, sustainability, and deliciousness—one spoonful at a time.

Enjoy complete happiness with CN Loyal 1884 Brown Sugar and Himalayan Salt Smooth: Feel clean joy with this variant. This smooth peanut spread, so soft and enjoyable, blends the sweetness of brown sugar with the quiet saltiness of Himalayan salt for an indulgent flavor sensation.

Be safe and rest assured you are getting 100% authentic products at the lowest price when you purchase from ProteinLab Malaysia.

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