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Introducing the 3X MULTI PROTEIN SHAKE! A premium protein shake that tastes just like the creamiest velvety chocolate ice cream milkshake you will ever taste. It includes chocolate crunchy bits and balls to satiate your stomach and satisfy your cravings for a sweet and delightful drink! This protein shake is for those who feel bloated with other protein shakes because it has isolated proteins, it’s for people who want to lose weight and make a nutritionally healthy shake from the vitamins and minerals fortified. And lastly for those who want to enjoy a delicious protein shake every day from its chocolate flavour!

Triple-Protein Blend

The 3X Multi Protein Shake is engineered with a unique blend of Yeast Protein, Isolated Whey Protein, and Isolated Soy Protein. Each protein source is selected for its high biological value, ensuring maximum absorption and utilization by your body.

Yeast Protein: Enjoy the strong advantages of Yeast Protein, an excellent source of full protein derived from yeast that is both natural and full of nutrients. This astonishing component contains all nine key amino acids needed for full muscle growth and repair and also offers numerous health advantages. Yeast Protein is recognized to enhance energy levels, strengthen the immune system, and improve gut health, making it a great supplement in our formula. Whether you want to boost your athletic performance or just increase your overall well-being, Yeast Protein is there to help you achieve optimal health and vitality.

Isolated Whey Protein: Enhance the way you train with the superior quality of Isolated Whey Protein (51%), an exceptionally good whey that has been methodically processed to get rid of lipids and lactose and guarantee a pure protein experience. The complete amino acid profile of this remarkable component is well-known, and it contains a significant amount of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), especially leucine, which is well-known for having the ability to build muscle. Furthermore being beneficial for maintaining muscle development and regeneration, isolated whey protein is essential for several other health advantages.

Isolated Soy Protein: A high-quality vegetable protein that originates from soybeans. This wonderful ingredient is a protein that is complete, meaning it has all nine of the essential amino acids needed for both muscle building and maintenance. Our 3X Multi Protein Shake includes Isolated Soy Protein, which offers a significant plant-based protein substitute and accommodates a wide variety of dietary preferences. Heart Health: It is known for its ability to lower cholesterol levels, particularly low-density lipoproteins, or bad cholesterol. It will help with your heart health and the efficiency of the body in the long run.

Benefits & Advantages

Growth of Muscle: It is an invaluable ally on your path to a slimmer body because it is highly effective in promoting muscle synthesis, which is important for both aspiring athletes and seasoned fitness enthusiasts. 
Weight Management: It helps with weight loss efforts by increasing metabolism and decreasing hunger. It can assist you in reaching your weight loss goals by increasing energy and fostering a sensation of satiety as an efficient protein source. 
Quick Absorption: Its quick absorption rate guarantees that your muscles get the nutrition they require at the precise moment, which is especially beneficial after vigorous workouts. 

Regulation of Blood Pressure: this might assist decrease blood pressure, which is essential for cardiovascular health. 

Immune Support: Contains milk protein and immunoglobulins, which fortify the immune system. 

The 3X Multi Protein Shake contains Isolated Whey Protein, which gives you an excellent source of protein that's beneficial for not only your muscles but also your general health and well-being

Bone Health: Soy protein's isoflavones have been connected to preventing bone loss, which is especially advantageous after menopause.

Cancer Risk Reduction: Research indicates that soy protein may provide an additional line of defense in your diet by reducing your chance of developing several forms of cancer.

Digestive Health: Isolated Soy Protein's fiber content promotes a healthy gastrointestinal tract, keeping your gut as toned as your muscles.

Recommended usage
1. Add 200ml water or milk to shaker bottle
2. Add One heaping scoop of (40g)
3. Shake thoroughly for 30 seconds.

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