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OstroVit Whey Delicious Protein (700g) (23 servings)

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Ostrovit WHEY delicious is a powder-form protein supplement that can be easily mixed with water or low-fat milk. It is designed to provide a high-quality protein source for athletes and individuals following a high-protein diet.

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The unique combination of whey protein concentrate Ostrovit WHEY delicious enhances the solubility of the product and gives it a soft and distinctive flavor. This supplement is a great choice when:

- You want to boost your metabolism after training.

- You need faster recovery after exercise.

- You are looking for an additional source of protein in your diet.

- You want quick and healthy snack options.

- You want to reduce your consumption of sweets.

Key Features:

Perfect for Athletes: Ostrovit WHEY delicious is suitable for individuals leading an active lifestyle, whether their goal is to build muscle mass or reduce it.

Improved Composition: This protein supplement does not contain preservatives or unnecessary fillers. The unique combination of protein concentrate and buttermilk improves taste and ease of preparation. One package can create 23 protein cocktails.

High Protein Content: Whey protein concentrate (WPC) in Ostrovit WHEY delicious has a high protein content of up to 70%. By using this supplement after your workout, you can support muscle recovery and reduce fatigue.

Multiple Flavors: Ostrovit WHEY delicious is available in various flavor options, allowing you to choose a product that meets your preferences. You can opt for the natural version, which is versatile, or try one of the special flavor variants.

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