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Yamamoto Nutrition Mega SAUZER 15 servings 300g

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Yamamoto Nutrition Mega SAUZER 15 servings 300g!!!

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Yamamoto® Nutrition Mega SAUZER® is a citrulline, beta-alanine and arginine alpha-ketoglutarate food supplement with taurine, branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), vitamins C, B6 and B12 and plant extracts, with caffeine and other nutrition factors. The product is suitable for adult sportsmen who practice intense physical activity as a pre-workout. Branched-chain amino acids are suitable for supplementation of sportsman's diet. Vitamins C, B6 and B12 contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and to normal energy-yielding metabolism, while vitamin
B6 also contributes to normal protein and glycogen metabolism.

The release of the new version of Shura KHAN® has projected pre-workout supplements without stimulants forward into a new generation, by using high-quality raw materials (many of them patented) with proven effectiveness. That's why, on the enthusiastic wave of Shura KHAN®, comes the new and redesigned Mega SAUZER®. Reformulated and renewed, the "historical" king of the Yamamoto® pre-workout line represents itself with the inclusion of elements that will exalt the already known qualities.

It has three particular strengths, nitric oxide stimulation, ergogenic-adrenergic stimulation and the more recent addition, a nootropic substance to ensure an unprecedented lucid focus during training. Objective: the formulation of supplements that really work, and always better, thanks to the more real scientific research tailored to the needs of the athlete, and to the most qualitative certified raw materials.

To promote maximum blood flow and therefore a better transport of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, Citrulline malate is a great protagonist, with well-known characteristics that place it among the most effective nitric oxide stimulating elements, even with respect to arginine itself. In this regard, I always stress that after oral intake, arginine is subject to extensive pre-systemic and systemic elimination due to intestinal bacteria and hepatic and intestinal arginases that convert it into ornithine and urea. These factors significantly reduce the amount of arginine available for nitric oxide synthesis and for the other functions it is responsible for, limiting the efficacy of a specific oral supplement of arginine, so much appreciated in the past but still present in an "excessive" amount and often overestimated for the intended purposes. On the other hand, the amino acid Citrulline is not subjected to the systemic and first-pass elimination described above and can be converted first into argininosuccinate, then into arginine, thus acting as a precursor of this amino acid. Citrulline administration significantly increases both arginine and citrulline plasma levels in a dose-dependent manner, and at the same dosage and route of administration (by mouth), citrulline would ensure an increase in almost double blood arginine levels compared to the same dose of arginine at a slow dosage, and about 20% higher than those of the same dose of immediate-release arginine. All in favour of a powerful stimulation of the blood supply to the muscles engaged in training. Citrulline salified with malic acid, has shown in many scientific studies a positive effect in the production of muscular ATP increasing the efficiency of the energy produced, with a decrease of the rate of phosphocreatine depletion reduced by 28% and an accelerated recovery rate of 20%. Already appreciated as a performance-oriented integrator for the above-mentioned reasons, it has several advantages in terms of performance extension and quality, such as that of buffering the accumulation of ammonia (responsible for the onset of fatigue by inhibiting the conversion of pyruvate into acetyl CoA hindering muscle contraction). Another benefit of citrulline malate would be to decrease muscle soreness following intense muscular exercise, which if combined with muscle pumping that strongly favours lactate buffering and the increased rate of restoration of the phosphocreatine stocks, will be a great ally to improve the yield of our training but also provide the conditions for a more efficient recovery. And we know that the quicker you recover, the sooner you get better.

L-Arginine has not been completely eliminated, but it is present in the form of AAKG ARGININE-ALPHA-KETOGLUTARATE, which is a form of arginine bound to alpha-ketoglutarate, which is a very important ketoacid at the metabolic level, being the point of intersection between anabolic and catabolic reactions. This association improves the stability of arginine in an aqueous environment, and improves its ergogenic capacity, intervening in the Krebs cycle. AAKG is obviously involved in support of the activity of Citrulline, in the synthesis of NO which, in turn, will promote vasodilation, and facilitating the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues at the muscular level allowing to keep the muscle pumping for longer and more intensely, improving performance during the training session.
Always looking for the best performance in "every" workout, another element in the team is beta-alanine, able to facilitate high-intensity workouts. This supports greater amounts of anaerobic training, to increase endurance and to delay muscle fatigue, contributing to the optimisation of workouts - especially short and intense ones - thanks to the increase of carnosine reserves in the muscles. Known for years in the world of sports supplements (both for anaerobic and aerobic work) it also helps maintain optimal muscle pH during exercise by restricting the action of lactic acid. Finally, beta-alanine would also be able to improve stress ventilation, reducing fatigue and further contributing to high-intensity workouts.

If the maximum pump is the goal of this supplement, another first choice component that we wanted to include is L-Norvaline, a water-soluble amino acid derived from L-Valine. An amino acid that is important for the endogenous arginine concentration within the organism, able to maximise the production of nitric oxide. The special characteristic of Norvalina is that of extending the production of nitric oxide thanks to stopping the activity of arginase, the enzyme that removes arginine and converts it into urea and limits the production of nitric oxide. So we will have more stocks making more bio-arginine, making Norvalina a valuable team-mate with Citrulline and AAKG.
More blood transported allows the supply of greater oxygenation to the muscles and the delivery of precious bioavailable nutrients for reconstruction and recovery such as branched-chain amino acids - Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine. Ultra studied in terms of the most recognised qualities, branched-chain amino acids have particular characteristics: they make the nitrogen balance positive, demonstrating the ability to obtain significant modifications of the amino acid profile even in protein catabolic situations, stimulating protein synthesis. They are catabolised directly from the skeletal muscle, therefore their metabolism does not involve the liver considerably (Leucine, indeed, plays an inhibitory role in the formation of urea in the liver) and that is why BCAAs are prescribed to patients presenting with liver failure.

As they say, physiologically speaking they make up about 20% of the muscle proteins, but they are not only important from the technical point of view, i.e. as simple precursors of protein molecules but are also indispensable for the synthesis of muscle proteins, the "anabolic" effect which is mainly due to the "queen of amino acids", Leucine.
Recall that in the muscles and liver protein synthesis is slowed down during intense and prolonged muscle work, as well as during the first phase of recovery, while breakdown is accelerated. This situation is a consequence of a combination of cascading factors such as the decrease in blood concentration of insulin and an increase in the concentration of catecholamines. In the second recovery phase, the proteins are reconstructed and the amino acids captured by the blood are 90% branched, because catabolism during physical exercise happens above all to a load of the last ones; in this phase the BCAAs, thanks to their property of stimulating protein synthesis, favouring the recovery from fatigue caused by catabolism. It is not by chance that they are placed in pre-workout and workout mixtures, particularly for their energetic function: the administration of branched amino acids during intense and prolonged physical activity, should cope with the increased demand for Alanine and the availability of BCAA of exogenous origin would limit the consumption of those of endogenous origin, thus decreasing the autolysis of muscle proteins during the work with considerable advantage for physical efficiency and the level of performance, delaying the appearance of fatigue thanks to the competition in absorption at the level of the blood-brain barrier with Tryptophan (amino acid precursor of the formation of serotonin, the hormone responsible for feelings of drowsiness, decreased attention and sense of fatigue).

The presence of caffeine, the most widespread psychoactive substance and the most widely consumed stimulant in the world that interacts with specific biological receptors that regulate the functions of the endocrine cardiovascular system, as well as of the nervous system, increasing the levels of energy, results in reaction times becoming more efficient, also improving the perception of the pain threshold and allowing "sharper" concentration. In addition to the well-known ergogenic effect, remember the "metabolic" one, as fatty acids are mobilised when we consume caffeine, which saves precious muscle glycogen. This allows athletes to train for longer, and glycogen savings seems to occur during the first fifteen minutes of the activity, the period in which the use of glycogen decreases by 50%.

Another element of high stimulating power contained in the new Mega Sauzer is Korean Ginseng. Known and used for millennia, this adaptogen par excellence has a large content of Ginsenoside Rg1 which makes it particularly stimulating.  Its benefits have been known of by Eastern peoples for millennia. However, they began to be the subject of real scientific studies only during the Second World War: the Soviet Ministry of Defence was looking for substances that would increase the resistance of its soldiers. Why has it been included in a pre-workout blend for bodybuilders? The qualities are varied and the work that can be done with the other elements is very synergistic, as it helps regulate breathing during sport, allowing not only energy savings but also an improvement in strength and endurance during high-volume workouts, improves reflexes and reduces mental fatigue, promotes cardiovascular work, is believed to also benefit athlete's muscles thanks to its ability to promote the release of creatine, and helps eliminate waste substances from the body by lowering the accumulation of lactic acid in the blood following intense physical activity.

Speaking of "adaptogens", an element of great value for our pre-workout is Rhodiola. This is a well-known phytotherapeutic extract with adaptogenic properties that have been attributed to its two active principles para-tyrosol and salidroside, which influence the levels of certain mediators in the brain and in peripheral, cardiovascular and respiratory tissues, reducing the secretion of catabolic hormones such as cortisol. In fact, it has been shown that by activating an enzyme, adenylate cyclase, at the level of fat cells, rosavin promotes the release of fatty acids from the blood.  The mobilisation of these determines an increase of energy substrate for the production of ATP that will be available for muscular requirements, that has also re-launched to great fame in the sports world.
As a consequence, an improvement in physical performance and an increase in fatigue resistance are obtained, further support for those seeking maximum performance. For bodybuilders, Rhodiola has the ability to reduce the onset of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), after intense physical exercise, thus facilitating post-workout muscle recovery, to reduce post-concentration of markers of damage muscle such as myoglobin, creatine kinase and lactate dehydrogenase, thus supporting the aforementioned my protective role and optimising mitochondrial energy flow.

But the great innovation that we have also included in the new formulation of Mega Sauzer, is Cognizin. With the stimulating action of caffeine and Korean ginseng, like the new Shurakhan, the Mega Sauzer will boast of a very effective natural nootropic substance to enhance maximum lucidity and focus in training. A Kyowa patent based on fermented citicoline, supported by several very interesting clinical studies, is a natural precursor of one of the most important neurotransmitters in the brain, acetylcholine, in other words, it helps to regulate the transmissions between neurons in the brain, dedicated to the thought process and increasing memory functions. Cognizin® helps to increase the activity of mitochondria in brain cells, powerful brain energy centres, favouring enhanced focus, learning, increased memory and improved general brain functions. We have also seen that as the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine increase, two neurotransmitters that are both connected to mood and memory also increase, which we know undergo various oscillations at certain times for the agonist. Dopamine helps to control both mood and movement, and its increase in levels leads to an increase in the mood more predisposed towards pleasure and positivism, as well as being essential for forming new memories and learning new experiences. Norepinephrine helps control the escape or fight reaction that can be triggered by the adrenal glands when the athlete finds themselves in times of stress.  Excellent "brain nourishment" to encourage the search for that "mind-muscles connection" and maximum concentration during training, one more factor that brings yet another new dimension of innovation to this pre-workout blend from Yamamoto® nutrition.