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Anyone who trains with weights know the importance of safety. During intense exercise we sweat and wet hand it is difficult to firmly grab the barbell. Probably many of you use gloves, which did not respond to anyone. Now, however, there is an interesting alternative for them. Introducing GRIP PADS - Innovative handles, perfectly replacing traditional training gloves. A special-resistant neoprene foam and coatings allow you to take control of the lifted weight. At the same time GRIP PADS provides optimal ventilation to prevent sweating hands and protects them from abrasion and unpleasant impressions. With GRIP PADS your hands stay dry, and the weight you never slips.

- High comfort.
- Prevent sweating hands.
- Safe and strong grip.
- Color black

5 Benefits of Grip Pads For Your Workout

Boost Your Workout With Grip Pads 

Most people dedicated to their fitness routine are on the lookout for simple ways to improve their performance at the gym. One of the first approaches many people take is to protect their hands. It doesn’t take long to discover that consistently lifting heavy bars can wreak havoc on your hands. This not only becomes an issue of discomfort, but the pain and calluses forced upon your hands can negatively impact your time at the gym.

That’s why so many people turn to grip pads for relief. And while grip pads do offer relief from the pain your hands feel during a workout, they offer other benefits as well.

Here are 5 benefits of grip pads for your workout routine

Grip Pads Benefit #1 – Pain relief

We touched upon it a moment ago, but grip pads do a remarkable job of relieving your hands from the pain and damage that can occur during a workout routine. Grip pads that are made out of durable material (like neoprene, or rubber), can provide enough of a cushion that your hands don’t feel the harsh grip of the bars, or the strained affects of lifting heavy weights. Some grip pads, like the Grip Power Pads PRO (made out of .2” thick rubber), is ideal for heavy lifting, as the rubber provides unmatched cushioning. But other grip pads, such as those made out of neoprene, can provide great cushioning for men and women, for everyday use.

Grip Pads Benefit #2 – A no slip grip

You should realize – by the name alone – that grip pads are designed to improve your grip, and rid you of the pains of slipping during a routine. Why is this so important? Because by providing you an unmatched level of grip, grip pads can actually help you lift more – and more often. But how do grip pads improve your grip? Again, we need only to look toward the material that these pads are made from. Unlike other workout gear, like straps or gloves, grip pads have the benefit of being able to be made out of durable and thicker material, without adding to the discomfort of the user. That’s because grip pads don’t have to cover your entire hand in order to be effective (a benefit we talk about in a moment).

Grip Pads Benefit #3 – Room to breathe

One thing you can say about workout straps is that they sure do give your hands enough space to breathe. The problem is, they don’t do enough to protect your hands, and most people find them awkward and challenging to put on and take off. So they turn to workout gloves, which they believe will at least provide them better protection than straps. However, what they quickly realize is that workout gloves have far too much material. Why should the back of your hands be covered when they don’t incur any damage or strain? Grip pads are like the happy medium – they’re designed to protect the parts of your hands that require protection, while letting the rest breathe easily. You’ll realize how important that is after just one or two workouts with gloves and grip pads. With workout gloves, your hands will grow fatigued, sweaty, and uncomfortable. You’ll also realize that putting on (and taking off) your gloves when your hands are swollen, hot, and sweaty can be a challenge. Over time, your gloves will degrade and break apart because of this struggle. Grip pads, however, don’t suffer from this same fate. Rather, they let your hands breathe. Yet even if your hands are prone to sweating, it’s never a challenge to put on, or take off, your pads.

Grip Pads Benefit #4 – Full-hand protection

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Less is more”? Grip pads take it to a whole new level. So many other forms of workout gear focus on adding more and more material in order to provide the best support and protection. But this move toward “more” is forcing us all to sacrifice an all-too-important part of our routine – comfortability. And even the bulkiest of all hand-protection gear – gloves – fail to provide full-hand protection. Workout gloves are most often fingerless, and for good reason. Being fingerless allows your hands to move with less restriction, while also minimizing the amount of heat that’s trapped inside your hands. Yet your fingers take a brunt of the punishment during a routine. Grip pads, on the other hand – despite being made from seemingly “less” material than a glove – are designed to protect your entire hand, from palms to fingertips. Grip pads such as the latest line from Grip Power Pads, are often designed with Velcro straps and a metal ring that allow you to adjust the pad to your liking. This not only helps customize the grip pads to your hand, but keep them in place, thus providing you constant and full hand protection.

Grip Pads Benefit #5 – A better workout

When you combine all of these benefits (and trust us, there are even more), what you come to realize is that grip pads help you improve your workouts inside the gym. How? Your hands are made up of bones and muscles, each of which are strained and put to the test during a routine. While larger muscles throughout your body can handle the workout, your hands are vulnerable. They tire easy. They get injured. They interfere with your ability to push harder, and longer, because they bruise, callus, and cramp. But grip pads keep that from happening. By protecting your hands and providing cushioning, grip pads can help you make the most of your routine, while ensuring you, and your hands, are ready for the next day’s workout.