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Proteinlab Fitness Skipping Rope

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ProteinLab sport supplement supplier / wholesaler malaysia presents!

Proteinlab Fitness Skipping Rope!

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Rope 1E.png

What is a Fitness Skipping Rope?

Oh? A Fitness Skipping Rope? Surely it's just like any kind of rope, right? Well yes, but actually ~  No. This fitness Skipping Rope does have some unique aces in its sleeves.  

For starters, it has a strong steel wire body.

Rope 2E.png

As you can see from above, the main body is not made out of the regular materials. It is made out of 6 strong and solid steel wire body as 1 to make the skipping rope much more durable. 

We have customized the Handles

Rope 3E.png

The handles have 3 layers to them. First, we have the handle itself. The handles are made out of the PP new material along with multiple heat-treatment processes. Then we have the EVA-Inner cotton. With this, it can absorb the sweat from the palms along to prevent bad odor and moisture from the handles. As for the EVA-outer cotton, it is soft and comfortable to the touch when in use. So that when you grip it, you won't lose it.

You can even adjust the length of the rope!!

Rope 4E.png

Yes, you read that right. It can be adjustable to your liking. First off, the adjusting rope length. This customize device can help you change the rope length freely according to the height of your choice. You can adjust it for kids size at 130cm, for Ladies size at 166cm and even up to Hugh size man at 185cm. On the rope body, we have the bold PVC inlaid wire rope. which is strong, wear-resistant, not floating & it is conducive to the speed of skipping. Which brings me to the dustproof bearing. This dustproof bearing is a 360 low noise rotation, durable and stable for a smooth swing action.

Rope 5E.png

The skipping rope can be adapted to different road environments such as cement floor, Mooring road, Playground floor and even stone paving road.

Rope 6E.png

There are two things in particular that you need to keep in mind what is the length of the portion. Firstly, the handle's length is 16 cm. so that you can have a suitable grip onto the skipping rope. As for the rope itself, it is 300 cm.

Rope 7E.png

Now, what are the colour options you can purchase? Well, there are 3 colours of choice, Red, Blue & Black