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Maxler Towel (72cm x 38cm)

RM 30.00

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Maxler Towel (72cm x 38cm)

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Maxler - USA

Products of sports nutrition from the company Maxler - is the standard of quality and taste. In the manufacture of sports nutrition using the most modern and unique technologies.

Great towel made from black terrycloth. It has a high level of moisture absorption. Perfect for the gym - to wipe hands and face, and for athletes involved in the street.

Need to take a shower after a gym or wipe oneself dry after intense cardio / workout session? Made of cotton for softness Maxler towel will be a perfect choice - it doesn't take much space in your bag, yet provides surface enough to quickly absorb all the moisture.

  • High Quality Material
  • 100% Jacquard Cotton
  • Machine Washable

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