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Galvanize EAA + Glutamine 270g

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ProteinLab sport supplement supplier / wholesaler Malaysia presents!

Galvanize EAA + Glutamine 270g!

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5.5g EAA & 2g Glutamine for Performance & Recovery

Muscles are built of mainly protein & protein is built of amino acids. This formula combines all 9 essential amino acids & Glutamine to bring you the most popular amino acids among athletes. Essential amino acids cannot be synthetized by the human body, while conditionally, essential amino acids can become essential under certain conditions. Let's say during intense workouts.

What we had in mind when designing the product was that product was that this will be used by ambitious athletes who is in demand:

-Convenience (Megadose readily mixed for you - 7540mg amino acids per serving)
-Vegan product with fermented amino acids
-Sugar-Free, suitable for a carbohydrate-reduced diet

-Green Apple
-Mighty Mango


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