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BSN Shaker - Push To Finish First 700ml

RM 35.00

ProteinLab sport supplement supplier / wholesaler malaysia presents!

BSN Shaker - Push To Finish First 700ml!

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BSN Shaker - BSN Push To Finish First - 700ml

Tight closing
An essential accessory for every athlete
Perfect for preparing nutrients
Design motivating to fight for better results

BSN shaker Push To Finish First is the well-known and recommended by many athletes BSN is a sensational accessory that will effect the training of each person. Do you train a lot? Are you packing at the gym? Do you require 200% of the norm from yourself and your body? 

You certainly use a wide range of protein supplements, BCAA amino acids or isotonic drinks made at home. If you are tired of the daily struggle with fake shakers, choose BSN Push To Finish First. It's a shaker that will meet even the highest expectations of each of the athletes and people who lead an active lifestyle. 

It does not leak, preparing nutrients in it is a pure pleasure, and in addition its design drives you to fight for even better results than before!

Shaker is an inseparable element of accessories present every day in the life of every athlete. By putting in 200% commitment to the exercises you perform, you certainly also require the same amount of accessories. It is worth choosing a shaker, which will not only be safe for you but also provide full comfort of using it. This is the Push To Finish First shaker from the renowned BSN company. It is a reliable shaker and does not leak so you can be sure that the drinks or conditioners you prepare will remain in it during preparation as well as transport.

Being a person who does a lot of exercise, you are not satisfied with mediocre results and achieving second or third place on the podium - only the first place shows you that your effort and effort paid off. The leitmotiv of the shader from BSN is Push To Finish First, or in free translation, Press to be the first! Design, colors and one short sentence make this shaker a not only a reliable accessory, but additionally makes you provide an extra dose of motivation for even harder training.

Shaker is versatile in terms of its use. It is irrelevant whether you will use it at work to supplement the amount of protein or carbohydrates, you will take it to the gym and eat an extra portion of branched-chain amino acids BCAA or you will prepare an isotonic drink in it that you take on aerobic training - in each of these situations it turns out to be an irreplaceable accessory, without which you will never leave your home again! See for yourself today how many benefits will be provided by using the Push To Finish First shaker from the well-known and respected BSN company in the world.

Net weight: 700ml