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Poppinsayhello is proudly collaborating with Proteinlab Malaysia to bring you this astonishing gourmet energy balls. Poppinsayhello is your go-to lifestyle brand. Poppinsayhello goes beyond superfood protein balls for gym junkies as it can also serve as beauty collagen supplement for beauty enthusiasts. Poppins holds onto a philosophy of "You are what you feed your body".  Poppinsayhello gourmet proteins balls are collagen enriched, protein packed and most important of all, they are incredibly low in calories. To top it up, 90% of ingredients for Poppinsayhello are made using ORGANIC ingredients. Poppinsayhello is a SUPERFOOD  using 40% of the ingredients which is locally sourced to support our local industry. Poppinsayhello used recyclable & eco-friendly packaging, thus if you decided to return the packaging to Proteinlab Malaysia, we will give you an RM1 rebate for every single packaging.