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ProteinLab Malaysia is now partnering with AFYAA to bring you the best sunnah health supplement which only using the highest quality natural ingredients.
Afyaa is founded by Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar, who is Malaysia's 1st astronaut and specialized surgeon. He created Afyaa with has the vision to enhance the health, beauty, and lifestyle of the modern-day community using a combination of intensively modern scientific back research on ancient traditional health ingredients.
Introducing AFYAA - a range of health and beauty products using Traditional Functional Premium Ingredients for high-quality optimal health.
"AFYAA Hayyiba only uses natural ingredients consisting of plants & sunnah ingredients that are encouraged. InsyaAllah this AFYAA Hayyiba product is not only in terms of halal ingredients but in terms of preparation that is guaranteed quality & clean." ~ Prof Dr. Abdul Malik Musharat, Gov. Liason Halal Consultant AFYAA